Come Home

Hosea 11:2a (ESV)
The more they were called, the more they went away.

Mom just kept calling for him. Her three year old son had found the toy isle at our local drug store. I watched the drama unfold. Mom was at the checkout counter and just out of sight. The little boy was browsing the colorful toys. Every time mom would call his name, he actually moved a little further away. There were so many toys to see. Finally, mom was ready to go, appeared from around the corner, took his hand, made him drop the last toy, and swept him out of the store. And I was left with a great illustration for today’s reading. We are children of God, literally.

The prophet Hosea spoke of the Lord’s disappointment with the Israelites, responding to God like the child in the drugstore, the more God called the further away they moved. We do the same. The Israelites would not listen to the prophets. We don’t listen to Jesus Christ. The more Christ calls, the more we move away. I only need to look at the dwindling Christian churches of today. Thankfully, Christ keeps calling.

Why do we resist the call of Christ? I think the answer can be found above. We move away because we’ve found something more interesting … for now. Just like the mother in the drugstore, God assured Hosea that “I will return them home.” We can only ignore Christ for so long. If Christ is calling you, I believe, Christ will return you home.

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Pastor Steve Hodges is an ordained minister, pastoring a church in central Virginia.
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