Who are you … really?

Over the years I’ve come to realize that I like to work into the late evening. I seem to be most creative when the rest of my world is quiet. However, this understanding of me did not come easily, as I tried to force myself into a morning world. Accordingly, the following article caught my eye.

“How to Succeed When You’re Not a Morning Person,” is columnist Steve Tobak’s admission that he is not a morning person.  (www.bnet.com/blog/ceo/how-tosucceed-when-youre-not-a-morning-person/7516) Tobak said, “I can barely put two thoughts together before a triple-shot cappuccino and I’ve never had an insightful idea before noon. Ever!”  This can be a problem since the business world is “morning-centric.” Those who are most active in the morning often succeed in business. I like Tobak’s assessment of this, “In the working world, the deck’s stacked against people who don’t do morning well.” In my business experience, I’ve seen people push up against this reality for years, single-handedly (or, cup by cup) draining the office coffee pot before the first conference call at 9am. Many of us do try hard to fit into a realm that may actually be unfit for us. Such behavior may simply rest on our self-esteem. We can find it difficult to see ourselves as we actually are. In Scripture we find the warning to not “think of yourself more highly than you ought to think, but to think with sober judgment.” (Romans 12:3) In my words, I hear Paul saying, “Know yourself, and your limits.” This is good advice. There have been jobs I took that could have saved everyone some duress if I had better known myself. Tobak gives a great suggestion for those who may find themselves in such a situation, “Don’t even try to (lie to) anyone or yourself.” His point: “Own up to it!” We are the way God made us, for God’s purpose. Notice when Jesus called his disciples, he seems to desire each to simply be who they are (for instance, fishermen continue to fish, but for people). The next time this Christian way seems to be wearing on you, step back and look at yourself and ask: Is it me? Am I trying to do things for Christ against the will of the Spirit? Not all of us are gifted to be worship greeters and Sunday school teachers (But I suspect each of you have been asked at least once!) In this body of Christ, Paul released us to be ourselves when he wrote, “not all the members have the same function.” Therefore, this morning, realize the good news … in Christ you can … be you!

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Pastor Steve Hodges is an ordained minister, pastoring a church in central Virginia.
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