Carry On

Acts 7:59 (ESV) 
“And as they were stoning Stephen, he called out, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.””

Who will intercede for me?

Stephen was helpless before the High Priest and council of Jews. The council had heard enough out of Stephen and it was time to stone him to death. Historians have learned that this “stoning” may have been achieved by setting Stephen at the base of a stonewall and pushing it over to crush him. In one fell swoop Stephen would be silenced. His voice can still be heard in scripture, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit … do not hold this sin against them.” Stephen was calling upon his intercessor, Jesus Christ, to receive his spirit, and forgive the council. Receive me; forgive them. I’ve got a feeling Stephen’s call for such intercession gave the Jews just the rush of hatred likely needed to shove the stone wall upon Stephen. Stephen wanted Jesus to intercede for him. Who will intercede for you? During these days of “stay at home” orders, the need for intercessors abound. We can feel as though we’ve been given a death sentence to be forced to withdraw from our jobs and social network. A few may rather receive a “stoning” than live alone ad infinitum[1]. An intercessor may go between any of us and the government to seek our relief. Employers have played such a role. Through Christ each of us can intercede for another. Prayer is a powerful way to intercede for another before God. You may ask yourself, Who will intercede for me? The answer: the one who prays for you. We Christians have to carry on intercession.

“Jesus Christ carries on intercession for us in heaven; the Holy Ghost carries on intercession in us on earth; and we the saints have to carry on intercession for all men.” Oswald Chambers

[1] A Latin phrase meaning “to infinity” or “forevermore.” 

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Pastor Steve Hodges is an ordained minister, pastoring a church in central Virginia.
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